Training on the Donna Does tour, first stop Eddie ‘The Savage’ Abbew

Donna does Eddie ‘The Savage’ Abbew, IFBB Pro and legend!

This being my first post I wanted to create a post using someone that I admired and that had the vast knowledge and experience of the bodybuilding world. So, to choose Eddie to be my first was an absolute no brainer! I am just so thankful that he said yes!!

I arranged to meet Eddie at his own gym, Olympian gym in Hemel Hempstead. The entrance has quite a few steps up to the gym with funny motivational signs on the way that help you to get to the top.

I felt quite nervous the whole way up. Until I got to the top, turned the corner into the reception area and came face to face with Eddie’s contagious smile. Thank god he knew who I was straight away, I’m not sure I was able to speak at that exact moment, felt a bit star struck haha!  Eddie introduced me to Carmen Knights, who is also a major idol of mine for everything she has done and still does in the industry. I think  I blurted out ‘nice to meet you Carmen’ which I am sure came out louder than intended!  Sorry Carmen!!

My aim for this interview was to gain a snippet of knowledge from Eddie ( I only had 2 hours), learn a little about the real Eddie and for him to show me how to hit it hard in the gym and build that muscle we all wish we had more of. I didn’t want it to be so much of a structured interview but more of an informal chat, which was perfect and that’s what we did!

A major fact about Eddie I found out today was that the label Eddie ‘The Savage’ didn’t come from being a kick arse bodybuilder and ripping people into shreds on the stage but in actual fact he was born with it! On his birth certificate is the surname Savage which is his mothers’ name. Abbew is his fathers’ surname! I found this so amazing as I am sure like me you would think it to be a stage name.

At school Eddie loved to play every sport possible. Now his favourite sport is tennis! For some reason I thought it would be something like boxing, as I knew that he had met Muhammad Ali when he was a youngster and he was one of his idols.

So after our little chat we got into the gym! Eddie wanted to show me something called ‘The Quad shock’ the name said it all and yes my quads were definitely shocked!! The set started out with a warm up which I did 25kg on the leg extension, so 10 reps with my toes pointed up then onto a hack squat machine where I did 4 reps with a narrow stance, 4 reps with my toes pointed outwards and then 4 reps with a wide stance then went back the leg extensions and did 10 reps with my toes pointed forward. After a couple of minutes he upped the weight and I did it all over again! It was amazing and such a buzz!

Next he showed me a shoulder exercise, he picked me up 3kg dumbbells automatically I thought oh good this will be easier than the quad shock, I couldn’t have been more wrong! The exercise consisted of a dumbbell in each hand, bringing your arms up in a side lateral raise, then bringing your straight arms in front of you, then above your head and into a shoulder press, takes your arms down and repeats for 12 reps per set.  Each rep being slow, concise and feeling the burn!

The next exercise was Bulgarian split squats! I had done these before but never knew they were Bulgarian! With dumbbells in each hand place one foot behind onto a bench and squat down, keeping  your quad engaged at all times so the trick is not to come up too much. To change the shift of muscle tension you can stick your bum out slightly on the way down!  I know I said I had done these before but I obviously was breaking the tension by coming up too far and not keeping my quad engaged. So in effect was not working the exercise to its full potential.

The last exercise Eddie showed me was for my back on a seated row machine, to grip the handles Eddie uses something he calls a ‘hook grip’.  So literally hook your index finger around the handle followed by your other fingers rather than grasping the handle. He told me to make sure my lower back was arched and look up towards the top of the machine.

With each exercise Eddie told me to visualise the target muscle group I was working on, he taught me that the slightest of difference within the move i.e. curling your hand up whilst doing a bicep curl can make such a change to your workout. He also said that every movement has a positive and a negative, the positive/concentric move must be explosive and the negative/eccentric move must be done slowly. More info Here on Concentric & Eccentric Muscle Contraction courtesy of Wikipedia

Eddie Abbew's Olympian Gym

After the gym it was food time for Eddie, those of you that follow Eddie on twitter you will know that he likes to blend his chicken into a drink. He put 2 chicken breasts into a jug and added a little water and broke up the chicken into smaller bits. He then blended this into a drink. He let me try a little which actually wasn’t too bad! It was just chicken and water… like a cold soup! With this he had some brown rice which he heated and added some Reggae Reggae sauce and a little drop of olive oil.

Eddie Abbew blending chicken!During his meal time we had another chat, he told me that he has a degree in clinical psychology and a degree in nursing which he practiced for 5 years in total. During this time he discovered his love for blended food. He told me a story where he had very little time at work to eat, so he thought of a way to make eating food quicker….. by drinking it!! He said the worst meal he had ever blended was a tuna sandwich with milk and Ribena! I can only imagine what that tasted like, if anyone would like to try it we would definitely post that on our facebook page!!

I literally could have sat with him all day or just followed him around like a little lost puppy! He has so much knowledge and bursting with information. He said himself that he doesn’t stop talking which was great and made it easier for me just to lap up his every word!

As I sit here writing this post my quads are beginning to feel the shock! I love that feeling! You know you’ve worked hard when you’re hurtin’!!

I thoroughly enjoyed my couple of hours with Eddie and it definitely went to fast. I just want too say a huge thanks to Eddie. Without him I would still be a blog virgin!!

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Til next time,

Donna  xx

Next up on the”Donna does” tour is on a strongman up north and a female strength trainer! Watch this space.

by Donna Klander

Owner of FirstProtein® and Co-Founder, mother of 4 and and lover of nutrition and training.