FirstProtein® Athletes

FirstProtein® Athlete Line Up

As a brand FirstProtein® has always strived to find what we call the “Weekend Warrior” the everyday person /or people that eat sleep and breath nutrition and training in and around there everyday lives.

Charlee GUNS Blake
BNBF & Powerlifting Athlete

 Nutrition is important to me, as I am a firm believer that what you put in dictates what you are able to get out, both physically and mentally!

Karolina Botkova
UKBFF & IFBB Athlete

Slovakian born age 31 UKBFF and IFBB figure athlete,personal trainer and nutritional lifestyle coach

I truly believe our bodies are made to be active and we need the support of clean nutrition to be healthy,happy…to love and enjoy our life and also to love our own bodies.

Scott Maw
U105 & Opens Strongman

Lifting and training courses through every part of my body and I am humbled by the ability of some of the greats! My passion drove me to set up my own Strongman gym the asylum and will see me achieve great strides in the sport. Strongman is a lifestyle and choice to be the best that you can be! follow me on twitter.

Georgia Archer
IFBB & UKBFF Bikini Athlete

 Hi there! I’m Georgia and I am a mother of a fantastic boy and nutrition and training is core to me. My success on the UKBFF and IFBB stage continues to grow placing 3rd at UKBFF British Championships in 2014 and summer invitationals to IFBB and Arnold's for 2015.

Ernestas Aleksandrovas
UKBFF & IFBB Athlete

 My curiosity in weight training started when I joined up a gym at the age of 16, the basic training and no knowledge about diet didn’t show much results never the less i started seeing some sort of changes in my naturally ectomorphic body.

Lisa Kelly
UKBFF Body Fitness Champion

 So by day I am a preschool teacher and part time uni student, and each evening I am in the gym lifting heavy weights and at home prepping food! I am proud to be part of the First Protein team and look forward to the next part of my fitness journey ☺


Our team of Athletes have grown through our love of different sports and relationships we have built through the industry and we are excited and truly honoured to have dedicated fitness individuals on the team, introducing Donna Klander, Owner of FirstProtein® and WBFF Athlete, Karolina Botkova UKBFF Champion and Arnold Sports Festival Competior, Lisa Kelly, Miami Pro and WBFF Competitor, Ernie “UKBFF” Alex (Ernie Aleksandrovas), Scott Maw National Under 105kg Strongman and Charlotte Blake Fitness Figure Athlete amongst many other sports!


Athlete Line Up FirstProtein®